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Feasibility studies, research and publications

Exploration research plays an important role in the functions of Hayat Center alongside with the training, social programs and consultations. The center enjoys with the best skilled researchers who are in continuous explorations. Mostly, the Center conducts the following types of the researches:

  1. Feasibility studies: this type of research depends on the demand of the clients who desire viability of specific projects to be carried out in various fields and regions. This service is provided for the purpose that organizations take informed decisions, where the Center undertakes this service based on the needs of the industry.
  2. Project’s evaluation studies: The project evaluation services address whether the projects’ goals and results were achieved and who benefited to which extent. This evaluation comes to provide our customers with an independent assessment of the achievements made, and how such projects have contributed to the overall enhancement of livelihood status of the respective beneficiaries as well as the sustainability of the projects. Hence, the results of the project evaluation identifies both the desirable and undesirable impacts of the project
  3. Problem solving studies: the Center also carries out surveys and investigations about certain problems that exist in a specific client. Usually this type of research is aimed to make informed decisions regarding particular problem. It is more applied research that is based on the customers demand.
  4. Academic research: this type of research is usually conducted by the Center staff solely or with the cooperation of the affiliated members and institutions to share knowledge and disseminate information. Thus, this type of study depends on the researchers ‘intentions; however, the main purpose of this type is to provide essential information about the field

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