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System development of Blue Sky Energy


System development of Blue Sky Energy




From November 2016-Abril 2017, Hayat Center upgraded and developed the system of Blue Sky Energy. The purpose was to improve managerial and financial system of Organization including: Company profile, financial policies and procedures, marketing strategy and selection process of the employees.

If you really interest to increase the performance and profit of your Organization, please read Hayat consultation services.


Based on Hayat Center market evaluation , many of the Somali businesses collapse within a short period and lost millions of resource due to lack of understanding and knowledge to identify where the problem is and how to solve it? So Hayat Center will provide very valuable consultation services with so skilled consultants in their specialized areas and diagnoses the existent problems that the company is striving to discover on it. To do so, the Center will evaluate your organization and release full report from organizational current situation. The Center will also offer permanent and monthly consultation services with the so affordable prices. The evaluation will cover all possible aspects which may have potential problems including the following ones:

  1. Financial policies and procedures
  • Planning and Budgeting Procedure
  • Cash Management Procedure
  • Salary Payment Procedure
  • Procurement Management Procedure
  • Fixed Assets Management Procedure
  • Financial and Progress Reporting Procedure
  • Internal Audit Functions and Chart of Accounts
  1. Human resource policies and procedures
  • Developing necessary documents and systems (recruitment, promotion, training, compensation and itc)
  • Does your Company have the right employees?
  • Do you have Organizational profile?
  • Strategic management and planning
  • SWOT analyze
  • Standardization of operations and daily management
  • Quality control systems
  • Organizational structure and flow chart systems
  • Customer care relationship building processes
  • Corporate governance systems
  • Effective marketing strategy



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